Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Been Busy Cooking!

My Kids eat well. Probably much better than many, many people do. I have spent the past three days in the kitchen cooking a couple of months - two - of food. It is major work. And I do a couple of months at a time and freeze it, because it is almost as time consuming to do a couple of weeks worth as it is to do a couple of months worth. Beef and chicken - pounds and pounds and pounds of it - or kilograms... Carrots. Lots. Green beans, broccoli and sweet potatoes. And rice... Do not know how I ever cooked so much rice without my Krups Ricer. What a difference - cooking rice in a ricer versus on the stove. Comes out perfect every time and although I can only cook ten cups at a time - and need thirteen for each batch of food - it doesn't take all that long to cook two batches of rice for each batch of dog food. The Honest Kitchen is going to save me major work when we ship a hundred pounds of food over here in a couple of months. But, until I can get to the States to get it, and get it shipped over, I have to make the Kids' food. Yes, like I said, it is major, major work - but my Kids are worth every minute of it!


  1. Wow!

    You love your kids! :)

  2. Sabra, I totally get it. I hate feeding Fluffy Pants Friskies as much as he hates eating it.

    Cat food recipes always involve getting internal organs and I can't be dealing with that.

    Good for you, you are a fabulous mom.

  3. I do, I do, I do, L_Oman, love My Kids! No doubt about it.

    Can get a decent dry dog food over here, AIO, not great, but decent - Royal Canin - and I do feed The Kids a couple cups of that for breakfast, along with the food I make. Never, ever buy store-bought Purina or any of those...

  4. p.s. do you have a 'thang' for kraft cheese by any chance? :-{)

  5. L_O - the Kraft cheese is for The Kids! The Boy takes Benadryl twice a day and "good Boy's who take their pills get cheese" which means that a Pretty Princess has to have a slice, too.

  6. We had a black lab Maxine, she has been gone a couple of years now, and that was the only way to give her, her allergy meds, was in a kraft single slice.

    You mentioned you were coming over to the States on vacation, so what happens to the kiddies, when you're away?

    Also I am curious, okay nosy, how much does it cost to ship the dog food over to Saudi?

    Have you ever considered starting up a store there, to sell it.......although, as a woman would you be allowed to do that?

    A very sick Gill from Canada......!!!

  7. We have a great "sitter," who stays at our house with The Kids, Gill. They, do, however, occasionally have to be boarded - and although they do not like it - I figure if that is the worst thing that can happen to them in their very, very pampered lives with us, then it is not all bad.

    It costs A LOT to ship ANYTHING here to Saudi. Just go with A LOT, Gill. AN AWFUL LOT!!!

    There is no way I'd consider selling dog food unless I could get someone else to do the work. It is a major process. Would be happy to share my recipes, all from actual dog food cookbooks!

    Hope you feel better, soon, Gill! Oh, and thanks so much for turning me on to BookCloseouts! Ordered a lot. They'll be at my Mom's in the States, waiting for me when I get there.

  8. Gill - thanks for asking that question. I was wondering how much it would cost to ship a puppy over here.


  9. Why ship a puppy here, L_O when you can get one in Riyadh? Kidding, of course. What an insane law! Shipping a puppy here is expensive - as well was shipping the food. The Boy was 7 months when we brought him over - cost $1050.00 just for the flights and one of Northwest Airlines crates. The Baby was only three and a half months old - only cost about $475.00 to bring her over. The Boy was the exception due to the crate being too big to fit on the plane - so we had to use an airline crate - and ditch that in Detroit - then put him in "his" crate - which we got charged double for due to its size.


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