Tuesday, July 15, 2008


For a change, no need to play "guess the nationality." They are both listed. What is the sentence for rape, here, in the Sandbox? Looks like Jordan just gives jail time and no lashes; here, you get both! This Saudi and Kuwaiti ought to consider themselves lucky that they didn't get caught for rape in this country. The woman - the VICTIM - is very lucky. Here, she'd be sentenced for being raped with a six month jail sentence and 90 lashes.

Good grief. Forget the punishment for raping a woman. Just chasing her with a laser-pointer will get you sentence of 120 lashes! Sure it may seem a bit extreme, but the up side is that I bet these two young men will never, ever use a laser pointer again.

A report of a drug boat being ambushed... Care to guess the nationality? Just like newspapers in the States. If a Democrat does something there is no mention of his or her party affiliation, but if it is a Republican, then his or her party affiliation is in the headline. Here, if a "local" does something, there is no mention of his or, occasionally, her nationality, but if it is an ex-pat it is reported.

See? In this report of liquor being seized in Jeddah, we are told that an African and an Egyptian are involved. [The "guess the nationality" game is pretty easy to play...]


  1. Well, Jordan is a much more civilized country than Saudi Arabia. No little thanks due to bigger Western influence and generally more tolerant practice of Islam.

    I have a little issue with what you said about Reps and Dems in the USA though. I think it is simply not true. Reps channels (like Fox) will be insisting loudly on the party affiliation of Dems accused of various crimes. There are even instances of such crimes being totally non-existant, but invented purely for propaganda purposes (think at all the total crap which was said about both Mc Cain and Kerry when they ran against Bush). I agree though that CNN (an obviously pro-Dem channel) displays Republican affiliations of people accused of crimes with some glee...

  2. Don't you think that Fox reports Republicans as well as Democrats when they are involved in a crime? I think they are pretty consistent. And, yes, I watch Fox International over CNN International. It is more the MSM that I'm referring to in my opinion of whether or not a crime committed by a Democrat has a party affiliation named. I thoroughly agree with you about CNN!


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