Friday, July 25, 2008

Blogging Will Be Light

Finally, finally, finally tomorrow I get to go back to the clinic to see an orthopedist about my bad knee. Blogging will be light... My entire morning is going to be consumed with the "clinic game." And, on top of being seen, I need to figure out where exactly I go to obtain copies of all of the x-rays that have been taken and my MRI [yep, the entire morning IS going to be eaten up, for sure!] so that I can take them to the States with me, where I have already scheduled an appointment to be seen by an orthopedist, there. Not that I don't trust the doctors, here, but I've been seen now no less than a half dozen times and each time I am told there is "nothing wrong." Bullshit. There is definitely something wrong with it. Someone give me one good reason why, if there is "nothing wrong" with it that it is constantly swollen and hurting. It wasn't always like this - so I know that what it is now is NOT normal and that there IS something wrong!

If there is something earth-shattering that is going on in the Sandbox, it will have to wait until tomorrow evening. I plan to spend the afternoon tomorrow "working." My current work hours are from one in the afternoon until four, three days a week, because those three days even though I would prefer to "work" mornings is when the houseboy, gardener and pool guy are all here. Although I could "work" while they are here - with the exception of the pool guy - he's only here for an hour - it just isn't appropriate for me to be laying by the pool or in the pool in my bathing suit. I only have a month and a half or so to sweat and/or swim off baggage I have accumulated over the past few years... I will say that the pool is far from refreshing. It was the warmest [understatement! it was HOT!] it has ever been, at 96
° yesterday. I persevered and spent much of the day on my little blue float, anyway. I am reading an old book - old as in written some fifteen years ago - although I was familiar with the story: Taken on Trust. After I cook ten kilograms of beef and ten kilograms of chicken this morning [meat for The Kids], I plan to put my "working uniform" on and finish Terry Waite's autobiography. I know. I know. Many of you are probably wondering how I do it... Trust me when I tell you that being a professional tanner is NOT easy!

Next up on my pile of books to read is Thunderstruck by Eric Larson, who also wrote The Devil in the White City which I thought was very, very good! I shop, on-line, for books and order them to bring back with me during my thrice-yearly trips to the States. One of my favorite on-line bookstores is Edward R. Hamilton for a fabulous selection and terrific prices. A couple of days ago, a fellow blogger, Gill, introduced me to Book Closeouts and right now I have eight books in my "cart" there for less than $35.00! So many books... So little time... Guess I should just be thankful that my job allows me to read while I work - and yes, I am very thankful that I have the opportunity to have this kind of job at this point in my life. Very!


  1. I'm thinkin' you're chillin' at the clinic right about now. I hope you have some funny stories to share when you get back.

    And what's up with the doctors saying there's nothing wrong. What a bunch of bull. Sheesh.

  2. The orthopedist was fabulous, L_Oman! There is something wrong with my knee. It's call age! [I hate the orthopedist!!!] I have bursitis [sp?], arthritis and something else - narrowing of the somethingorother and need five weeks of P.T. [oh, joy!], a knee brace, electro-shock stimulation, anti-inflammatory drugs and somethingelseIforgetright now - and I am "the" perfect candidate for a total knee replacement in the next five years as my "aging" progresses. [Did I already say I hate this doctor?] It is not an actual injury, and there is nothing I can do to prevent it from getting worse - and there is nothing I could have done to prevent it from going bad. The orthopedist was very, very thorough, and said that he could see from one of the original x-rays that there is a problem, and the MRI didn't show him anything he wouldn't have been able to see on an x-ray or by examination. I actually have quite a bit of confidence in him - even though he is YOUNG enough to be my son for goodness sake! The nerve of him, though, to tell me that this is due to my age. I had to correct him - tell him that what is listed as my birth date in their computer records is obviously incorrect being as how I'm only 29... Age. Damn. It just sucks getting old!


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