Friday, July 25, 2008

Marriages - Yes, Plural

I saw this in the paper a few days ago, the same day I did the post about the ten-year old girl who will be fifteen when her marriage is consummated. Apparently, having multiple wives is not quite as pleasing for some of the women involved as it is for the men in all instances. Hmmph. Who would of thought... There have been articles where women welcome a second and third or fourth wife. Now we have an article where the husband takes a second wife out of revenge, which backfires on the first wife, and an article where the wife reports illegal construction to authorities to prevent her husband from taking a second wife.

Admittedly, the concept of multiple wives is one I will never understand, but then, I don't practice a religion that allows for this, either, so I do not have to "understand" it. Nor do I think that I have to worry about my DH taking on an additional wife - he cannot afford to, unless of course he divorces the "DW" he currently has - and in that case, I can assure you that he will NOT be able to afford his "second" wife!


  1. I'm not down with the plural marriage thing, either Sabra. It's totally foreign to me. We have a few 'cases' in the family and it is interesting. Well, in my mind it is because the whole time we're visiting I can't help but wonder about things and I never get to enjoy the visit because I sit there baffled the whole time!

  2. But, but, but... There are SO many questions you could get answered for the rest of us, L_Oman. Be bold! Come right out and ask it. "What about sex? Don't you disagree with this whole "sharing the man" thing? And, aren't you repulsed by it?" Those are the questions inquiring minds want answered. Or, this inquiring mind, anyway.

  3. Not all women disagree, not that women in Saudi have any choice to this. I've known women who agree to have a second wife, some American. Than others who don't. Mr. Mans father had several wives, there is four mothers between all the children.

    Many 2nd and 3rd wives see it as a viable option much to the dislike of #1 of course. Better than remaining unmarried.

    For us, since Mr. Man already has a 2nd wife.. his job.. no way I'm agreeing to an actual woman as #3 and not that he would. Cause his kids would hate him and he knows first hand what a mess it can be.

  4. I don't know what I find more fascinating, Nzingha. The concept of more than one wife - or the fact that Saudi women don't have a choice in the matter!

  5. Well if first wives at least had more say in the matter would there be much of an issue with more than one wife? as long as all parties decide that is what they want for the families.. why should anyone else have a problem? But it is just the 2nd and 3rd wives that have a choice in it all really. The agree to become a wife to an already married man. So in fact that says there are many women that choose it. Of course one would have to ask what are their alternatives... but that is a longer discussion.

  6. Don't have a problem with it, personally, Nzingha. Like I said in my post, it is not an issue that I will need to be concerned with. I do, however, find it quite interesting. On more than one level. Yes, I'm sure it is a much longer discussion. Does it involve ticking time clocks, as in the need or desire to be a mother?


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