Wednesday, July 02, 2008

"While You Were Out"

Yeah!!! The biggest, hardest sewing piece of my "While You were Out Project" is done!!! It's done!!! I can't believe it's done!!!

Rev, our "resident" handy-man [construction / m
aintenance / painter / general Mr. Fix-It] got me a quart of the paint that I decided would be just perfect. It is soooo soooo far from perfect. If I paint the bedroom the color I picked out it will look like a dungeon. I have the paint sample strips that I got the other day when I went to pick out paint and couldn't get a quart of the "wrong" color mixed, and I've asked Rev to bring me two more colors - one way, way lighter than the one I picked out and one that might just be a nice happy medium but is a different "hue" of the color I think I want. We'll see. I would much rather pay 28 SR for a quart of paint and have it be right, than to pay for a couple of gallons and have it be all wrong for the 1343 days we have left on the contract for this house.

I think I did six or eight test colors for the living room:

What did I learn from that little experience? Absolutely nothing. It is still ALL wrong. I wanted taupe. Does that sound so difficult? Really??? It is. What we really, really need here is a Home Depot! When we built our house in North Carolina, I took a piece of tree bark into Home Depot and they mixed stain to the color of the tree bark. Yes. It took them a couple of tries, two or three, but I got exactly what I wanted. If we had a Home Depot, here, I could take in a piece of the leather from the couches and get the color I want. Sadly, there is no Home Depot...

[That hideously, ugly lamp is NOT part of our living room. It was simply there, temporarily, so that I could tell how the colors were going to look with no natural sunlight...]

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