Sunday, July 27, 2008


Who knows what these parents did to their little girl - it could not have been good. The punishment - lashes and jail time - should deter them from ever abusing torturing her again, though.

In ways, the Saudi justice system, is a very interesting one. I really do think that, for the most part, that it serves its purpose. There is very little "coddling" here of alleged criminals - no matter what the offense - unlike in the States where the criminals have all the rights in the world and the victims have virtually none - where cases drag on and on at the cost of taxpayers over years and decades. Liberal law-makers in the States could learn a thing or two about how justice should be dealt with, by doing some case studies of the Sandbox's system. Do I agree with the actual punishments, here? No. Absolutely not. Lashes and beheadings are absolutely barbaric. But I do agree with the system insofar as how it works, swiftly. And, I would be all for taking some of the criminal's "rights" away from them - in the States - and prosecuting more vigorously. Yeah, yeah, yeah - what about the "innocent" criminals? How many of those are there?!? Very few. I have said before that the punishments meted out, here, work to deter crime. Maybe not for everyone. I know they "deter" me, but then, I don't have the inclination here - or in the States - to be robbing someone or murdering someone or dealing drugs...

If traffic laws were enforced - and they are not - many of these daily pile-ups and vehicle fatalities and injuries would be prevented. When are the authorities, here, going to realize this? Ever?!? How much carnage on the roads does a country have to have before it wises up to the situation and actually does something about it, other than just talking about it and issuing new laws that are not enforced? A lot. Apparently.

Some vigilante justice, here... An man and his family were having a picnic when a couple of young men started showing off in their cars. The article is scarce on some of the details. The man pulled out his AK-47 assault rifle and shot one of the young men in the hand and the other in the foot. Good grief! Who takes an AK-47 assault rifle with them on a picnic?!?

Another worker commits suicide, here; and another maid, here. Why aren't authorities looking at this with an eye toward prevention? I cannot be the only one to notice that there are a LOT of suicides of imported workers, here. Yes. Life here is different and difficult at times, and I am in a much different position than these workers are, I realize, but there has got to be a way of screening imported workers to find out whether they have the propensity for taking their own lives when the going gets really, really tough. No?

Ut-oh! Expired foodstuff!!! You can be arrested for "expired foodstuff?" Probably it was the gambling...


  1. Yeah, L_Oman, like it was packed along side the potato salad and the watermelon slices...

  2. well I always need my AK when I go out camping. Never know what kind of pervert I might run into.

    What is funny is that the guy probably won't get in much trouble at all. A slap on the wrist and a few pats on the back.

    And these parents.. note they want mercy because they have to raise their other children. UGGHHH And the guy gets demoted from a government job he is keeping while in jail??? HUH??

    I have no tolerance for child abusers at all.

  3. No different than child abuse issues in the States, Nz. Here, the punishment is different - and justice is much more swift. Look at the nut-case in Florida right now - her daughter was "MISSING" for 31 days with a nanny or sitter or something - and she didn't contact the police, nor did the grandparents. I regret thinking this [out loud], but that little girl, Caylee, is dead, and the mom wants out of jail to "help find her." The case will linger through the court system for years before there is justice - and even then - it won't be justice for having caused the death of a toddler. No tolerance whatsoever for anyone who abuses children or animals. Non!


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