Thursday, July 10, 2008


Rev is out of the hospital. The paint sample was delivered, along with a new door and "wall board" [that plastery stuff, whatever it's called], and a stack of wood. Construction is supposed to start today. And it had better be started AND completed today!

This is the bedroom and my closet before the house was renovated and before we moved in:

This is the closet I had "renovated" after we moved in - originally, there were two closet rods - one at each end - and a lot of wasted space. I designed and had custom-made new racks, shelves, cupboards... so that I had:

At six o'clock this morning I completely emptied out this "before" messy closet:

There are now stacks and stacks of shoes all over the house, and piles of clothing on hangers which will end up turning into a huge wrinkled mess completely covering the couches in the living room.

And, this is the "before" bedroom [the lavender and green pillow is the old "decor," as are the purple pillows - at this point, I had already thrown the bedspread in the trash and taken off the bed skirt, so I don't have the "before" photos I really need to show the differences as they will be; those awful louver doors will be gone - forever - if all goes as planned!]:

Unfortunately, The Kids are NOT going to be happy today, and will likely spend much of their day "locked" in their crates. The Boy won't mind all that much... He is usually pretty happy and content to be in his crate. The Baby on the other hand, doesn't mind going in her crate when it is her idea, but if it is someone else's idea, she cries and barks the entire time she is in her crate. The Kids, this morning as I was emptying out the closet:

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