Sunday, February 01, 2009

Absolute Insanity

A case for forced sterilization if there ever was one. [And the absolute only time ever in my life when I have agreed with something Nancy Pelosi said - she wants to hand out contraceptives to avoid breeding. You're too late, here, Nancy. Typical.] A not so young single mom who now has 14 kids. Probably just about everyone else is oohing and ahhing over "good fortune." I want to know who is paying for these babies! I'm guessing that the mom is unemployed and thus has no medical insurance. Medicaid. You and I are paying. In the form of taxes. We just got our W-2 for last year. You do NOT want to know what we paid in the form of taxes. It makes me irrate. No one should have to pay that much. And why do we have to pay that much when some "human clown car" who already had six kids without fathers [??? there was a man - or men - involved for at least four of the previous and possibly the fifth and sixth of them, wasn't there!!!] irresponsibly has EIGHT more?!! EIGHT! Perhaps she is looking to cash in like Jon and Kate [another case for forced sterilization - but I'll leave those money-hungry-child-exploiters out of this for the time being]. It is the only way she is going to be able to support that illegitimate litter of hers. I know I don't want to pay for it.

Any company out there - Pampers, baby formula, crib manufacturers - any of them - who donates to the cause is an enabler. Enabling other young women to try to cash in just like Jon and Kate. Is it worth it? The welfare cycle will just continue on and on and on with this type of behavior. The father - grandfather of all the kids - wants to enlist to go to Iraq to try to make money to support this brood. I think he has his priorities in the wrong order, but that's my opinion. Although who can blame him for wanting to leave? I would want to too and I would want to get as far away as possible. In some ways, he is just as responsible for this train wreck as the single mother of the octuplets. Perhaps if he'd have thrown his daughter out in the street at pregnancy number four or five & six [twins!], she wouldn't have been in a position to have whatever fertility treatments she had so that she now has FOURTEEN children. FOURTEEN children that you and I are, ultimately, in some way, shape or form, going to be supporting. Tie this woman's tubes.

I can't take the credit for calling Angela Suleman a "human clown car." I saw it at Jammiewearingfool. Both accurate AND funny, though!


  1. Sabra - Have you ever heard of the Duggar family? Unlike this woman who now finds herself digging even deeper into the public's wallets, these people planned for a family of enormous size and do it well.

    Still...the phrase "A vagina is not a clown car" comes to mind...

  2. the whole thing just made me shake my head, there is more to this story that meets the eye......


  3. I have, BBW. The family with what - 18 or 19 kids? No multiples, though, right? And the little I know about them they aren't pimping themselves out for money like Jon and Kate, and now, like this woman wants to. I read yesterday that she has agents and is only giving PAID interviews. She figures she need $2 million to raise her family. Disgusting.

  4. See my comment to BBW, Gill. She is only in this for the $$$. Very sad for those children who did not ask to be born.

  5. The Duggars have 17 kids now, with 2 sets of twins. The oldest boy just got married as well. Can't wait to see if he and his wife repeat the process...

    As much of a small government, stay the hell out of my business person I am...the state should take ALL the kids and adopt them out. This woman should be sterilized and be placed in a psychiatric facility. She should also be forbidden any contact with her kids until they reach adulthood.

    Keep in mind, I would feel distinctly different if this was a complete family and financially capable of supporting itself. However, this is a single mother living with her parents and without employment in her 30's. Worlds apart.

  6. You won't get any argument from me, BBW. I agree. Take the kids away - or at least the new babies. She has already admitted she did it for the money. What chance do 8 babies have in an already large family [6 siblings] with no Dad? She is bat-poop-crazy! And, unfortunately, the kids are going to be the ones who suffer the consequences.


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