Wednesday, February 04, 2009


MSNBC / AP is reporting that the 32-year-old unmarried mother of six and eight new octuplets is getting outrage, rather than gifts. [Whether or not it is true - consider the news source, after all, remains to be seen.] Cry us a river. Not. Perhaps Nadya Suleman should have given the matter of how she was going to support her litters just a tad bit more consideration than she did. She wants to sell her story for $2,000,000. What story?!? That you are a lowlife welfare recipient who lives with your parents in a three-bedroom house and can barely afford the six children you already have? Perhaps Lifetime will be interested in that story line - but if they offer you $2,000,000 then they are bigger suckas than I thought they were. I doubt Halle Barry is going to want to play the star in the calamity that that would be.

The article says, "The news that she is a single mother with six other children - and that all 14 were conceived by having embryos implanted - seems to have turned off many people, and companires are not exactly rushing to get publicity for piling on the freebies." Have they finally learned something from Jon and Kate? Nah. TLC is looking at production companies - so they have some interest. How many reality shows does TLC think they can offer - the big family crap - and keep the interest of their viewers? I won't watch it. But then, I'm not at all interested in someone's family that I don't even know who had six or eight kids through the miracles of science. You conceive those babies naturally, and I might be inclined to show some interest. Until then? Not so much.

Let's just hope that the doctors - all of them - whoever they are - have signed air-tight releases so that they cannot be sued for allowing what has happened to this woman - six previous implanted embryos and now, eight. Anyone want to bet that if she can't get a $2,000,000 movie or book deal that she turns on the doctors for allowing this to happen to her?

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