Wednesday, February 25, 2009

So Much for Cheese Bread and Other Plans

Rev can go ahead and call and force me to sit around all day today if he wants to. I was planning on going downtown - I really need to go to the airlines to see how I use my trillion miles to get a ticket for an upcoming excursion. And, of course, since I was going to be there, I wanted to go get cheese bread [any excuse to get a piece of that incredibly yummy cheese bread will do!] and I was going to take the camera to get pictures of the process, which I cannot adequately describe. What was I thinking? I knew DH had to go to work at four o'clock this morning. His wallet has money in it. Mine? Not much. I have 18 riyals - all of $4.82 [which would buy six pieces of cheese bread - that is a LOT of cheese bread - one piece can feed a family of four!]. DH also has the money card in his wallet. Never occurred to me to get either cash or the ATM card from him last night, and he snuck out of here so quietly this morning I never heard him. It costs SR43 for a round-trip in a car downtown with one hour of waiting time. That would be all that I need - to go to Qatar to see about a ticket on miles - and to go to the kiosk that sells cheese bread. I'm going to wait another half hour - until it is a more reasonable time to call a friend - and see if she's got some cash I can use for my morning outing. If she doesn't? Well then, I'm just going to be SOL...


  1. And you're not allowed to drive in Saudi because you're a woman too....does that still stand there?

  2. Oh yeah, it does, Steve. I do not see that changing - not while we are here, anyway. It would give far too many way too much freedom and control of their lives. Not gonna happen.

  3. LOL! A friend and I were the discussing the driving situation (or lack of it) for women here in the Sandbox. We were overheard by a Saudi "gentleman" who promptly said, "We cannot ever let the women drive, they will run away."
    My friend stated that we both drive in our countries and WE don't ruan away. He then asked us why not. (Not the brightest bulb in the chandelier?) We told him our husband treat us with respect and we have no desire to run away. He looked so clueless when he said, "Respect?"
    Fortuantely we had to leave AT THAT MOMENT, or else we would have embarassed oursleves by laughing in his face. And that just wouldn't do would it?

  4. What a statement, Linda. "...they will run away." I have no idea why I have never looked at it like that. I see it as a control issue - and that they would have the ability to "run away" certainly falls under that "control" but for it to be so "cut and dry," is not something I have considered. "Respect," what's that? I feel sorry for babies that are born - little girls. They have no idea what their lives are going to end up being like in this part of the world.


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