Friday, February 20, 2009

I Divorce Thee, I Divorce Thee,

I divorce thee. Something like that. All a man has to do is say it three times. Maybe not even three times. And you can be divorced. Or he can SMS [text-message], or send an e-mail. A man must merely say it with intent and it is done. The wife? Not so much. I don't really know what exacting specifications are required for a divorce to become final in this part of the world. [But for that I read about in the local press.]

The divorce rate is growing here in The Sandbox. Not nearly as high as the rate of divorces which take place in the States West, though. So says this article. [The "West" is the cause of all things bad. Always.]

Hard to know what to believe as far as how many divorces in this part of the world that happen. According to this, there were 115,549 marriages last year and 24,428 divorces - just a little over 21%. What is the divorce rate in the States? Anyone know?

The reasons for divorce, here? According to "him," they are: Family interference, wife unable or unwilling to take up her share of the responsibilities, wife's employment, wife not staying at home, constant criticism by wife, and wife's stubbornness. According to "her," thy are: physical or mental abuse, another woman - a second wife - an affair - or the maid, husband's weak religious beliefs and practices, husband not taking up financial and family obligations, the influence of satellite channels - internet chatting - p0rn0graphy, and husband stingy and gold-digging.



    2.2 million marriages, but no hard number on divorces (states like California do not provide numbers). rate of marriage is about 7.7 per 1000 people, divorce about 3.7, so about 48%. Number of USA marriages ending in decapitation in the last twelve months appears to be 1.

  2. 2.2 million marriages; 48% divorce rate. USA marriages ending in decapitation in the last twelve months... ONE! Touche, Vermindust, Touche!!!


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