Thursday, February 26, 2009


PCRC. Four in the "speeding" vehicle were killed, the driver of the truck that the car rammed into has been critically injured. Finally. An admission that SPEED is a factor. Perhaps authorities will begin to notice that all the education in the world is not going to be preventative. Someone needs to act. And that act means giving the Traffic Police the tools and permission to do their jobs. I believe they would do a fine job if they had the opportunity to do so. After all, isn't it just human nature to want to succeed at whatever it is you do? Whether that be in personal relationships, or school, or employment? So far, that remains to be seen because they do not have the tools and they have to be worried about repercussions. Let them do what they need to do - even if it is only on a trial basis - and see if, statistically, the number of motor vehicle accidents decreases.

As soon as I finish typing the above, I go to the Saudi Gazette to see what is happening, here, today, and there is this: "30,000 traffic violations were found by authorities within a short span of two days... The violations were found after authorities installed radars and surveillance cameras on highways as part of [the] traffic department's fight against increasing traffic accidents." About time. Now, let's see some real action! Fines. Driver's licenses confiscated. Cars impounded. You'll see a dramatic decrease in accidents when punishments are doled out.

Oh my. Just a little "TMI." A marriage has been annulled due to the husband's impotency. Nope. No picture of the husband; no names of either party mentioned. Come on, now! Does this really qualify as news?

If anyone knows about the marathon taking place in Riyadh today, can you let me know if it was "open" for everyone, men AND women, or JUST men??? How does that work? What is the running attire? No, doubt, if women are included they must be fully-covered.

A daughter-in-law has pardoned the man who killed her father - who, I think, if I can get the "family tree" down, is also her uncle AND father-in-law. Perhaps someone who has a little genealogy experience can correct me, if I am wrong.


  1. Does the daughter's pardon commute the death sentance only, leaving the killer in prison, or is he entirely pardoned and free? Does this mean the killer's son stops leaving all those "honour killing" articles on the breakfast table for his wife to see? Can i have some cheese bread?

  2. Good questions, those, Vermindust. I really don't know what happens when the death penalty is no longer a go. I have yet to see an honor killing in one of our papers here. I guess it doesn't happen. Everyone should be able to have cheese bread! It is a shame I can't share.

  3. Sabra will bring about peace to the world with her Cheese Bread for the Masses

    They installed a few cameras at traffic lights here that are horrible accidents waiting to happen. All that has done is cause speeding cars to suddenly slam on the brakes in order not to run the red light and get a photo taken...which has caused more accidents...didnt see that coming did ya?

  4. Nope, Coolred, didn't see that coming. But does not surprise me. Very little could surprise me, over here, at this point.

    By the way - Great Post at your place about the changes being brought about with pork and booze. What's next, indeed!


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