Wednesday, February 04, 2009

If He Faces Charges so Should "teh one"

No. No. No. Someone is looking into whether Michael Phelps, the young swimming sensation, "could face criminal charges in the fallout from a photo showing the swimmer smoking from a 'wacky tobbacky' pipe" at a party? What about "teh one's" own admissions to snorting coke, and the picture of him floating around the interwebs wearing his Panama hat while he is toking on a doobie? If you are going to press charges against one, then you have to do it for all. Drop it. Just leave Michael Phelps alone. Although nothing would give me greater pleasure than to see "teh one" hand-cuffed and thrown in a jail cell for life - for whatever reason - it isn't going to happen. But unless everyone one that have ever made an error in judgment - and Michael Phelps did - I am not defending him - is going to be arrested... just don't go there!


  1. who the hell is teh one???

  2. I can't bring myself to answer that, directly, Rose. Google it. Instant answer, there.

  3. LOL, I totally agree!

    Yes, seeing "teh one" in cuffs would make me jump for joy!

  4. aka "That One."

    I prefer Chairman Zero. Or maybe just plain BO.

    If you can be against the war but support the troops then I am against the President but I support and love my country.

  5. Fantasies and day-dreaming are supposed to be healthy for us, Janice. If that is the case - I am in most excellent health! Lots and lots of day-dreams about "teh one" being forcefully [hey, I'd be happy with gently] ejected from his current residence...

  6. Chairman Zero will work - provided you're not talking about money - and if that's the case we could call him "Chairman Cash & Corruption," WK. "BO" stands for "bad omen," right?

    Did you get my e-mail? I'm four rows from finishing the back!!! I've taken a few pictures to document my progress - including the first half-done piece next to the start over [for the sixth or seventh time]. Have already ordered yarn for projects two and three. Hating you even more, WK :)

  7. Sabra,
    This was an outstanding observation of yours about the double standard presented by hiring a dope smoking, coke snorting man for the presidency.

    If teh one can admit it, say it was a mistake, etc., then how can anyone justify prosecuting anyone on similar charges?

    And isn't it funny how the liberals who were constantly saying that Bush covered up cocaine charges and accused him constantly of using the drug have no problem whatsoever with Obama's drug use?

  8. Makes me ill, Belch, what liberals are willing to concede to now that they have their jug-eared one firmly planted where they want him. Anything a GOP card-carrying member does even slightly wrong is front page news. Anything a dhimmicrat does wrong no matter how small or big the infraction is no big deal. BHO's drug use? So what. GWB's? He's not fit to run the country.

    The double standards are so far beyond blatant they make my head spin!


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