Sunday, February 15, 2009

Phone Thing Out of Control

I have got to have THE most boring mobile phone in the entire world. Yes, I can take pictures with my phone. And occasionally do. I guess you could consider some of them a bit questionable for their content: a random dog pooping and the owner of that dog not cleaning up the "mess." Oh, and I had a couple pictures of flamingos at one time on my phone that I took at Trader Vic's in Bahrain when what I was really trying to get was a picture of was a man dressed in a thobe and ghutra guzzling beer. I never got the picture. You do not want someone to catch you snapping a picture of them and them reporting you. Just not worth the trouble I'd get in - although posting it here was my original intention. That would likely get me in some pretty serious "doo doo" and I came to my senses and decided against it.

There are no Xrated pictures on my phone. No Xrated video clips, either. And, no pictures of me or anyone else in compromising shots. Like I said. Boring.

I just don't get it with all of the men [and a few women, too] getting in so much trouble for having "stuff" ["snuff?"] on their phones that is going to get them arrested. Why? And, for goodness sake, why would you "flood" someone else's phone with that kind of crap?!? Another man has been "detained" after having sent "countless photographs of a sexual nature to a girl after she took her mobile telephone to a shop to be repaired." This is only the umpteenth case of the sort so far this year. Idiots. They deserve to be "detained."

Oh - and something I've noticed in the last week or so: The Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, are now going by a new name, "Hayy'a." The more recent articles in both of our English newspapers have bent over backward to make sure that we all know that "The Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice" are "commonly known as the Hayy'a." Hayy'a? Until just recently, I had never seen the word. Ever. What's with that? A makeover of sorts so that they don't sound so ominous and powerful? Trying to make them into a new, more modern and gentle entity?


  1. My friend works at a govt girls school. The policy is no mobile phones on the grounds by students. When ever they do catch a student with a phone they search the contents to make sure she hasnt videoed anything cant imagine the sort of things they find on these girls phones...

    everything from sexual acts between students...between students and teachers...between students and boys...between students and men...the list goes on.

    The worst phone she confiscated she took from a 15 year old was full of videos from several years back...full of her with grown men...some of them very well known here in Bahrain(ahem...think royal)..and some well known westerners that have visited Bahrain...and the worst part...her own mother is recording the videos..and is in some of them as well. Ignore the fact that the mother should be taken out and shot...why the hell she recorded such things is beyond me.

    When they called the mom in...she was pissed they spied on her daughter and demanded her lawyer...unfortunately the phone was taken by "authorities" and no charges against any well known figure has ever taken place...are you surprised as much as me? didnt think so.

    Haaya means shyness I believe...or something along those lines.

  2. "Are you surprised as much as me?" But of course, Coolred!

    Why the new use for it, though? Hayy'a, that is? Shyness?!? When were THEY ever SHY?

  3. hayaa is the arabic word for counsil so no change here ....(ssdw)

  4. Thanks, w-o. Why are they all of the sudden trying to make sure that the CfPoVaPoV are now more "commonly known" as hayy'a? I think it is to give them a new image makeover. Just my opinion.


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