Monday, February 16, 2009

As if I couldn't already be SICK enough!

Sick. As in see below.

Not enough we're being force fed a stimulus package that stimulates nothing but debt for generations to come, but it was critical - imperative - that it be voted on and signed immediately so that the world didn't come to an abrupt end. So, imperative, in fact that JELJ - or whatever you want to call him - decided he'd take his wider half to the Windy City for a long weekend. Hey. He's got a "spiffy" new ride and all. He actually called it his. Not ours. As in Americans. The ones who bought and paid for the "spiffy" ride. "Hey guys, what do you think of my -- this spiffy ride here?" [Emphasis mine.]

Click at your own risk. Strong language content warning.

A disgrace to the highest office our Nation has if there ever was one.


  1. OMG - Sabra. You're killing me with this soul plane business...

    "his wider half"

    Thanks for making my Friday. Smiles all around now and I'm still singing 'Everybody Dance Now.'

  2. That he called AF1 his makes me ill. Man is the most narcissistic arrogant fool I've ever had the opportunity to observe. He'll get his. And it is gonna be a hard slam to the concrete in the end. American's are finally seeing the light. A little late - but, hey, better late than never, DL!


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