Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Boy is Okay

Long day yesterday. My poor little guy... He had his infected toe removed. On his foot is what looks like a cast - but it is bandaging. He is limping - of course he is! I am sure he is probably in some pain. Yes, the vet sent pain medication home with him but I was instructed not to give The Boy any of that medication until today because he received so much - via injection - yesterday. DH woke me at 3:35 this morning because he heard "licking" noises. The Boy had managed to get his hood off and was licking one of his back legs where he had had a questionable skin lesion removed. Everything is being sent to London to be biopsied and we won't know for ten or fifteen days what those results are. [There are four incisions with stitches - one very, very, very BIG one on his chest! And, of course the right front foot where the toe was removed - but The Boy cannot get to that incision/amputation.] I will be much more careful to tie the hood on more tightly! My goodness, I don't want to choke the poor little guy - but I can't have him licking, either.

Going out to do business is our biggest obstacle. I have got to put plastic bags over the right front paw to keep the bandaging clean, but more importantly - dry [we've had some rain lately! and the ground is damp in the morning]. The vet made it sound so easy. Just take a grocery bag and a rubber band... The Boy took two steps yesterday - caught his back foot on the bag - and off it went. Now I am using small trash bin liners and tying them. This seems to be working better. Hopefully The Boy will be feeling a little better today. It was soooo sad yesterday and I felt just terrible about what I had done to him - taking him to the vet and all! Yes, I know, I did what is best for him, but try being logical with a four-legged child.

DH was sitting down next to The Boy last night and said, "Hey, Buddy, it's okay. Daddy is here to protect you. I can't believe Mommy did this to you, either." Thanks. Like I wasn't feeling bad enough about it to begin with!


  1. I'm glad your boy is ok.

    Our kitty died this past week and it's been so sad on all of us, she was such a companion to me since we adopted her from a lady that was going back to the UK. Her buddy, a snobby Persian is depressed beyond belief. She looks all ragged and worn and I don't know what to do for her!

  2. I'm sorry, L_O. Always so hard to lose a family member - no matter how many or how few legs they walk on. I have no idea how you get the Persian to not be depressed. She probably needs her time to grieve as well as you do. I know The Baby, here, has been all concerned about The Boy - her big brother - and is laying at his side much of the time as if to make sure he is okay and doing her job to protect him. Every time The Boy even moves - even if he is just changing positions in one of his two, now, half-crates, she is up and on alert.

    Time heals all things... Big hugs, L_O!

  3. Ok , so it's ok to call yourselves " parents " - to your dog - but you criticize a woman for how many children she has ?

    Quite frankly , it's not your concern.
    Will you be helping her?
    Change diapers ?
    Feed them?
    Contribute to her grocery bill?


    Then it should not matter to YOU.
    If she feels she can sustain herself and her family - it's quite frankly not your business.

    Did anyone ever critic you on the amount of children you chose to have ?

    Whether it was too many or not enough?
    Society has a very....distinct opinion on HOW many kids one should have I find this appalling

  4. Umm, yeah, Anonymous, it is okay to call myself and DH parents to a four-legged-child.

    Am I helping the human clown car? You bet I am. We paid taxes last year. A lot of taxes. She is on welfare and her eight babies are in the hospital. We are paying for that, too.

    She can't sustain her family. She has made that perfectly clear. She is looking for money. She has made that perfectly clear, as well. If, by way of taxes, in any way, shape or form, I end up paying for this catastrophe, then it is my business.

    "Society has a very....distinct opinion on HOW many kids one should have I find this appalling." So do I. Fourteen is way too many...


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