Monday, February 23, 2009

The Boy

Photos with The Hood On - Not Pictures of Happiness

The foot, his right front paw, where he had a toe removed was finally freed of all bandaging yesterday. It looks good. [I did not take any pictures at the vet's office during bandage changings so you cannot possibly imagine how red, raw and sore it looked...] Poor Little Guy HAS to wear the hood for another week or ten days. All he wants to do is lick. And even when he is right next to me - if the hood is off - th
at tongue is out and on the paw. My "NO licking" admonishments, and hand-clapping [to get his attention] are absolutely no deterrent whatsoever.

Best thing though? All of the tests came back yesterday, too. NEGATIVE!!! Happy, happy, happy. [Need to keep an eye on The Boy and limit his exposure to the sun. The lesions are worrisome to the vet, and he is concerned about skin cancer. No problem. I'll put sunblock on The Boy - 45 SPF - when he is outside basking in the rays with me. The Boy so enjoys "working on his tan," and I am not going to take that pleasure away from him.]

The Boy - Working on His Tan


  1. Sweetist word.....negative. So, glad to hear all of the boys tests were negative.

  2. We were very, very pleased to hear the word "negative," BW! The Boy will be back to romping without the hood, and going for long walks in short order...

  3. Terrific news....and a totally laid back pic of him.

  4. Terrific news, indeed, Coolred.

    The Boy was sleeping until I started clicking away with the camera. I'm sure he's probably thinking, "Oh no, NOT again. What is it with this Woman and her camera? Just leave ME alone. Please!"

  5. People who think animals don't have feelings never met your dog. I could see (clearly etched) how much he wants that funnel off his neck and to be happy go lucky again. Poor little guy. Glad the tests were negative.

  6. Marianna68, you have no idea. You are so right. Just take this "funky plastic funnel off me! Please!!!" Poor Little Guy. Sympathy from me, Mommy, is there. He does SO want it off and to be freed. I can't let it happen, though, for the obvious reasons.

    We are absolutely thrilled the tests were ALL negative. Sunscreen. The Boy needs sunscreen before he lays in the sun. I can do that. And will!

  7. poor guy. Elizabethan collars and dogs don't seem to get along too well.

    I must say, a double take on the last pic of him sunning himself - he looks kinda like a deer!

  8. Those collars don't do well on Kids, at all, Steve. [You can see all the dings in it - from hitting furniture, walls, doorways...]

    He does kind of have the "snout" of a deer, doesn't he!

  9. I also live in dharan. Your housekeeper was in the kitchen because it smelled good and he was probably hungry. Think about what they are paid, how much they send home and then what is left for them to eat. Meat is a rarity; plus in this culture it is good manners to also feed the person who is cleaning up after you. Even though this treatment is not obvious from the many news articles you read and posted. But trust me for every article you read there are ten families who treat their help with respect. Also like I tell my kids food is the one thing you ALWAYS have to share.
    Find your blog interesting. Please describe in better detail were I can find the cheese bread. Thanks Rebecca

  10. Hey, Rebecca - My houseboy is not in the kitchen because it smells good. He is just always under-foot and has no concept of "working around" me or my DH. Please do not think that ever a single day goes by that the houseboy, the gardener and the pool guy don't get water, juice and something to eat. If I make muffins - I provide a plate and warm muffins and a glass of milk, as well. Bread, sliced turkey, fruit, store-bought treats [Rice Krispies bars, even]. DH often brings his lunches home - they are "boxed" lunches that contain some meat [turkey, beef, fish], two vegetables, salad, a roll and butter and a desert. When he bring them home, I give them out to our workers. I think I am incredibly sympathetic to the plight of foreign workers, here, and I don't me professional expats. I would hate for someone to misunderstand my posts to think that I could be so cold. See today's post for the most delicious cheese bread!!!

  11. Whoops! Typos galore up there, Rebecca. [PIMF...]


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