Sunday, February 01, 2009

Probably Not a Bad Idea

But perhaps not the most well thought out way to go about implementing it. By not having these Saudi's start in other positions and work their way up to supervisors you are not giving them the opportunity to actually learn the business. You are making them bosses in the supervisory roles they will be given - deservedly or not - and in so doing, setting them up to fail. I am not saying they shouldn't be given the opportunity for the jobs - some of them will no doubt make fine supervisors and/or managers - but many of them will not be able to handle the responsibility.

I'd be curious how much the foreign workers in the same roles were allowed to earn. The same amount? Much less? How about trying this on a trail basis first. You know, making sure that the workers are actually going to be able to perform the requisite duties? That they show up for work on their scheduled days and in a timely manner. Who is going to have to pick up the slack for those that don't? The workers that have already been trained and are doing the work for less pay? What distension will that create in the work place? Anyone give that any thought? Yeah. Right. Didn't think so.


  1. Interesting though not surprising, after all the other things that you tell us about the crazy going on's over there.

    You have to learn a job from the bottom up to learn how to do it well, that's common sense, which seems to be lacking over there in my humble opinion!!


  2. They don't call this place a "LFZ" for nothing, Gill. [LFZ = logic free zone]


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