Saturday, February 14, 2009

Domestic Violence in the States

Someone over on this side of the world from a teeny, tiny little country right next door to The Sandbox has warned against "celebrating Valentine's Day, saying that it was a pagan tradition that promoted vice and depravity. ... the West wants the world to believe that everything is rosy on Valentine's Day, particularly for women." Pagan? Well, okay, then. He didn't stop there - he should have. "You look at the figures released by their own competent institutes and universities and you can see that the percentage of women being battered and abused in their own homes and outside is shockingly high." A genuine "W T F" moment if there ever was one! But he's right, of course. This woman was "shockingly" battered and abused beheaded in her own home her husband's business in Orchard Park [near Buffalo], New York.

A quick search for domestic violence in articles from Arab News brought up 162 articles; searching the Saudi Gazette site brought up 31 articles. Here is a quote from one article, "Men top the list of abusers in the Kingdom with at least 90 percent of the cases committed against wives." But, but, but... Might have been prudent for someone to take a little look-see at statistics for domestic violence on this side of the world before accusing the West of having "shockingly high" domestic violence figures.

On the same note, the father of a 14-year old girl has been sentenced to two years in prison for "a gruesome case of domestic violence" against his daughter. Nope. No domestic violence problems over here. Only in the West... And Valentine's Day is, apparently, part of the problem.


  1. HI Sabra, I just found your blog thru a link on Little Green Footballs. I am reading you every day now.I live in Nevada. I was wondering if you are living in a "safe" compound or somethingm can't "they" monitor you? cuz your blog is a truth teller and your picture in the abeays is very hot (i am a girl NOT gay or anything but i showed your picture to my boyfriend and he liked it, can you send me an abeaya, it goes so well with garter belts and stockings) just kidding, about the sending it,, anyway, be safe and keep writing, Thanks to you and your husband too for what ever it is you are doing over there.God Bless the U.S.A and you too. kelly

  2. Thanks for being a regular visitor, Kelly! We live on a safe compound - truly I feel safer on our compound than I did driving through Durham, N.C. I am sure my blog gets monitored. Which is why I am pretty cautious about what I choose to blog on. There are certain topics that are, for the most part, off limits. [That is not a picture of me. One I found on the internet. Sorry to disappoint you. One of these days, I will post one of me in my abeya. I keep saying I'm going to do it, and it just hasn't happened, yet. It will. When the photo changes - you'll know it's me. You can have my abeya when we leave here. I won't need it again - I refuse to even wear it to show friends in the States. Goes against every grain of everything I believe. I only wear it here because I have to. Although the way things are going in the States they may be required there pretty soon...] My husband and I are over here, privately - he is working for a large company. It is all of our fine, brave men and women in our Armed Forces that deserve HUGE thanks, not DH and me. But I appreciate it nonetheless.


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