Thursday, February 12, 2009

Maid Abused, Couple Arrested

Same old, same old. The couple that has been arrested is denying that they had anything to do with the maid's injuries and is insisting that they are self-inflicted. Sure they are. She probably beat herself with a mop or a broom and covered her body with burns by running into an iron or a hot stove. Or something. Nothing to see here. Move along folks.


  1. Actually, I feel it's the other way around. These furlough workers (I call them slaves) are treated horribly by the Saudis who use these people like animals. Muslim men are traditional woman beaters. It's part of their "religion of peace."

    One good example: Dubai, as beautiful as it may seem, was built from filipino blood, sweat and tears, and they all work for pennies.

    Same goes for the Sri Lankan maid.

  2. "I call them slaves." No kidding, Steve. I have news for all the people in the US who are lining up for reparations. Those people need to consider themselves lucky that they were "freed." They would still be being held in bondage if they were here...

  3. Those sneaky foreigners are always throwing themselves down the stairs so they can get out of their simple groundskeeping responsibilaties. At the end of his three year contract i am going to have to pay him, but i will withhold the cost of all this medical malingering.

  4. And no end of service benefits for him either, Vermindust!


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