Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lots Locally...

Today's "Locally..." needs subtitles. Lots and lots happening here in The Sandbox!

Princess Ready to Drive

The wife of one of the richest men in the world, Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, says she is ready to drive. Click here for the article. Don't even bother reading it - just click for the picture. Princess Amira says she drives in other countries - where she can - and her husband has previously said "he would be the first to let his wife and daughter drive." I didn't even know Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal was married. I thought... Never mind what I though. Princess Amira is very, very pretty. And if you clicked on the article to see her picture, did you notice anything peculiar? No? Well, click again, then. Notice anything now? Something missing, perhaps???

Blackmailing Getting out of Hand

Not that it effects me in any way. There are no photos of me on the internet that I am concerned about - and I don't have any photos of me on my phone or computer, either. Smarten up people! If you have been foolish enough to let someone take pictures of you in some compromising position, then you need to accept some of the responsibility - and if you happen to be a man who is in receipt of those pictures - you are just plain old stupid if you are going to try to use those pictures to blackmail a woman into doing something she might not want to. Is it worth five years in prison and 5,000 lashes? I don't think so.

Bank Robbers Sentenced

To eighteen years in prison and 6,000 lashes. The article does not give the names of the two men who robbed a bank, nor their nationality. No need to guess. The two men, who by the way were brothers, worked as security personnel at the bank they robbed. Only "locals" are allowed to work in such positions.

Appeal Failed

I did a quick post on this the other day, about a businessman who was sentenced to four months in jail and 120 lashes for "allegedly organizing a musical function that allowed mingling of men and women." He appealed, hoping to have his sentence reduced. Fail. He will now spend six months in jail and receive 200 lashes.

Another P0rn0 Purveyor

Arrested. The economic factor of supply and demand. If there was no demand, there would be no supply. Someone wants all of this p0rn0graphee [I have to re-write the word like I do or otherwise I get blocked - don't ask - just accept it]. Who is buying it? Hmmm...

Pre-Paid Phone Card Scam

There are two articles about this. One is slightly misleading - but more "exciting" than the other. Are you going to be more apt to click on an article that says, "Six men get 30 years and lashes" or "5 sentenced to jail in Sawa card scam?" It is, supposedly, an "infamous... scam involving millions of riyals." Infamous? This is the first time I've read or even noticed there was such a "scam."

Pregnant Woman Saved from Drowning

Just curious why she was in the water in the first place? It is not "bathing suit" weather, here. And I find it hard to believe the water was warm enough to entice someone to want to go swimming. We can be fairly certain, however, that the "pregnant Arab woman" did NOT have a bathing suit on. She probably didn't have a burkini on, either. An abeya is not what I would choose to go swimming in and although the article doesn't say, I'm thinking it would be a safe bet to say that that is what she had on.

Population Control Road Carnage

Worth mentioning because the article actually says "excessive speed" was a factor in killing five and injuring seven others. Rarely - and I do mean RARELY - is speed ever listed as a factor.

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