Thursday, February 12, 2009

Human Clown Car Website

She is now soliciting donations and items for all those babies. Mostly donations. Apparently not enough offers being made by Pampers or whoever? You can go to her site to donate or to comment. I left a comment. Anyone who gives her money is a dayum fool. Perhaps she should have thought about a few of those little details before she had herself implanted with FOURTEEN embryos. Little too late now. I do not want to see the babies and the other six children suffer. I would happily watch the mom suffer. Like there isn't enough stupidity out there already... Good grief. Let it go. Give those babies up for adoption and get on with your life. Concentrate on taking care of the six children you had before you had octuplets. Doesn't look like they are being all that well cared for from some of the photos floating around on the web. Musings from the Moon had some of them and links to other sites about the conditions of the 1500 square foot home where the human clown car was living with her parents and her other six children. Doesn't sound like Grandma is any too pleased with her human clown car daughter. Oh - and where's that bigger, better house the Granddad said they had? You mean the one that was foreclosed on? Whatever.

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