Thursday, February 19, 2009


Yeah, I know I said I wasn't going to bother with blackmailer's any more. This one has to be noted, though. A 19-year-old Saudi youth has been sentenced to five years in prison and 500 lashes. Eee-gad! All because he threatened to publish photos of a girl is she didn't go out with him. The girl's brother filed a complaint against him. [This just screams "SET UP!"] The court "also ordered the young man to return all of the girl's photos and that if any of her pictures were to appear after that a more severe punishment would be handed out." What? Life in prison? Is he going to be beheaded? "The harsh sentence was aimed at deterring others from blackmailing young girls, especially since the prevalence of such crimes has increased of late." Guys - if you are not getting the message and taking this is a warning then you deserve whatever you get.

Do not eat during Ramadan! Or at the very least do not get caught eating during Ramadan. The penalty is 50 lashes.

A man borrowed 50,000 riyals [$13,404.82] and used his daughter as collateral. You just can't make this kind of stuff up. The 20-year-old daughter has learned that she is now the fourth wife of a man 30 years her senior because her father couldn't be bothered to repay a loan. Unbelievable.

Not quite sure what a "pater" is, but a "pupil's pater" is paying a teacher 10,000 riyals for punching him in the face over the son's failing grade - which turned out to be a clerical error.


  1. Gota love the Saudi's. They take it to the next level.

    BTW im surprised they let Ms blogger keep the picture of the naked lady with the naked leg. :)

  2. What naked lady? She's got her abeya on! This is actually a print that I've seen at several people's houses, Jman. There's more to it - I cropped it to use here.

  3. Just in case you were still wondering, "pater" is father in latin or in upper crust British.

  4. I actually kind of got that from "paternal," Anonymous. I thought it strange to use in an Arab paper though... Thanks for clearing that up.


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