Sunday, February 22, 2009

Go Ahead, Do It Again, Tonight

I double dare ya! No. I triple dare you!!! I didn't tell DH what happened last night when he finally got home just after one o'clock - I was just too tired - and even though The Kids had no problem fully waking up to greet him, I was almost asleep and pretty much out of it when I heard him come in. So it had to wait until this morning. DH has today off. We were having coffee together in the living room this morning when I told him, "The Kids and I had a pretty exciting night last night? Did you happen to notice you had a half dozen calls from me on your phone when you landed?" He said he didn't even bother turning his phone on when they landed - who was he going to call and he never expected that I'd be up so late and calling him. After telling him about the "thrill" the tits caused, he said, "I hope they try it again, tonight." Oh, I do, too! DH is a pretty big guy [6'4", 230 pounds] - and he is in pretty good athletic shape. I can see a couple pre-teen boys pissing in their pants - or worse - if they try knocking on our bedroom window at eleven o'clock at night if DH is home. Somehow I don't think it will be "whooping it up" noises they'll be making, either. Whimpering and crying doesn't usually sound like that, does it? Go ahead you little tits. I octuple dare you!

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