Sunday, February 15, 2009

Reading for Sunday Morning Coffee

I've been stopping by and visiting a site called "Nice Doggie for a couple of years. Lately I've been stopping by and visiting a lot more than I used to. The writing style of one particular author on that blog, alone, makes it well worth it to me.

Do not - let me repeat - DO NOT - take a sip of your coffee and start reading. Sip your coffee, swallow the coffee. Put the cup down. That is, unless of course you want to be spewing coffee through your nose onto your monitor and keyboard.

Much of what LCJackboot has to say will make you laugh out loud [provided you lean in the proper and right political direction] - much of it will make you angry. Hey, he just tells it like it is. No mincing of words. This is one of the posts of his that I so wanted to somehow incorporate into my blog but did not quite know how [because for the most part I avoid politics - there are already enough others out there who cover that topic]. Yesterday's LCJackboot post is another one well worth reading.

Be otherwise forewarned that not only should you not be drinking something at the same time you are reading those posts, if you so choose to click on them and visit, that there is strong language used as well. Very strong language. As in "Not Safe for Work."

Keep up the most excellent diatribes, LCJackboot!

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