Saturday, February 21, 2009


There is bad and evil around the world - it is not limited to any one Country. Which is not, of course, to say that there is not more bad and evil in some countries as opposed to others. Two traffic police officers were executed yesterday for raping an expatriate woman after they stopped the man - her uncle - who was driving their car late at night. They beat him up and then locked him in their car while they raped the woman. What is most horrendous about this is that the very men who are charged with enforcing safety violated the trust their fellow-countrymen granted them with, AND used their positions in such a vicious and despicable manner. Yeah. The sea is full of bad scum fish but at least two have been removed from the water at this point. I happened to read the Arab News article on this first, but the Saudi Gazette's article articulates exactly what I was trying to convey, almost to a "T." [What does that even mean?] This makes seven and eight, or eight and nine so far this year.

If you send a "vulgar and threatening" SMS message to someone and that someone takes you to court, you could be jailed and be lashed. "Cyber-bullying." Can we get someone to do something about all the junk-SMS messages that get sent to our phones? They're worse than spam on e-mail.

Blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda. More talk about "strict enforcement of traffic law urged" to eliminate PCRC. Won't happen. That authorities - the ones in positions much farther up the proverbial food chain than the Traffic Police - are aware that major problems on the roads exist, is a good thing. But until the Traffic Police are actually given the tools to do their jobs and the go ahead to issue tickets and fines with no "wasta" impediment, absolutely nothing is going to change and PCRC will continue unabated. The very last paragraph of the article is most telling of exactly that, "...traffic and security officers found guilty of issuing tickets to motorists on false charges would face tough punishment and [be] made to pay the fines they wrongly imposed." What traffic or security officer is going to even bother? Their hands have been tied. "You" say they are to do their jobs, and then "you" tell them that they can't. Is it any wonder this is called a "LFZ?" I think not.

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