Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Human Clown Car

Like I said when I did a post on this a while ago - I can't take credit for naming Nadya Suleman a "Human Clown Car." I got it somewhere else.

The man responsible for this appalling atrociousness is Michael Kamrava [who, in my opinion does not deserve the respectful title of "M.D." or "Dr." either after or before his name], although apparently that has not been confirmed by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine or the Medical Board of California. Looks as though Kamrava has had quite a bit of experience with the court system as "[S]everal lawsuits have been filed against Kamrava over the past two decades, including one in which a former employee accused him and his wife of hiding income to avoid taxes and defrauding insurance companies." Color me surprised! Someone needs to be filing another suit against him, pronto, forcing him to be fully responsible for the care and support of ALL of the human clown car's kids. Either that - or take those kids away from her. [Anyone want to start placing odds that DNA eventually shows that Kamrava is the father of this illigitimate brood?]

Here are a couple of questions... Is Nadya Suleman a citizen of the United States? What nationality is she? What religion does she practice? Anyone know the answer to any of those questions? Just curious. Actually, more than curious. I see a pattern. Maybe I am the only one.


  1. Pattern noted. nuff said.

  2. Yeah. Guess noting a "pattern" doesn't require an advanced degree, does it, Vermindust... It is not rocket science, that's for sure!

  3. The only thing I really know about her is that the babies' father (I'm pretty sure she used the same guy for all of them) offered to marry her way back, and she declined. Who needs a man with a job, when food stamps are so readily available?

  4. She is Christian and at least half Iraqi Arab(father-also Christian).

  5. "Who needs a man with a job, when food stamps are so readily available?" Bingo, Angela!

  6. "She is Christian and at least half Iraqi Arab." Got any proof for that statement, Anonymous? Until someone can show me proof, I won't believe she is Christian. I'm going with something else...

  7. First, in answer to your other question, yes, she is a citizen of the United States based on her education and work history. Her father is an Iraqi immigrant whose formal name is listed as Edward Doud Suleman, a common formulation for Christian Arabs like the late professor Edward Said, or others of my acquaintance. Her mother Angela seems to be hispanic and thus most likely Catholic or an Evangelical Protestant Christian. The children of Muslim fathers but not mothers are considered Muslim, so even in the unlikely event that her mother is Muslim she would not be. Also a Muslim woman would have a terrible time trying to marry a non-Muslim man.

    Nadya herself has referenced turning to a church (not a mosque) for material help with the children. A mega-Church has offered to help her based on their Christian charity and less on her possible attendance there.

    Although the birthrate for Arab Christians is lower than that for Arab Muslims, this woman's reproductive decisions are in a category all of their own. However, she has used donor sperm which is strictly against Islamic ethics. Her reasons for having children are also more self-centred and less Allah-inspired. She was married to a Christian (very difficult for a Muslim woman as above) and used a non-Muslim sperm donor (based on his name which is either Christian or Jewish).

    The other mega families in the US are (usually evangelical)Christian like the Duggars who adhere to the Christian evangelical group Quiverful (for mega-families).

    I don't in the least condone her behaviour, or ultimately more importantly (because of the possibility for creating more life-threatening irresponsible pregnancies), that of the Doctor who agreed to her requests. I don't think she deserves death threats though, and the children are deserving of care, since these were not their choices.

    Islam has enough problems these days without including this woman among its adherents, especially as she seems genuinely not to be. I would assume the American media would be all over it if she were. Some may wish to attribute her decisions to ethnicity rather than religion. However, I assume the media would be all over that too.

    Thank you for being open to discussing this. Unfortunately more concrete proof is hard to come by.

  8. "She is a citizen of the United States based on her education and work history." Education and work history has nothing to do with being a citizen of the U.S. Any illegal immigrant can get an education AND get a job in the U.S.

    "Islamic ethics." I just can't go there. Just like you can't put "democrat" and "ethics" in the same sentence. No such thing. That is MY opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own. Opinion, that is.

    Did not know Nadya was receiving death threats. No one deserves death threats. And, I agree, "the children are deserving of care." You are right. They had no choice in the matter. However, I am paying for this by way of taxes - not much choice - and I say those children should be adopted by families who want them and can care for them and love them. This woman clearly has only one ulterior motive. Doesn't seem to be working for her, either.

    "Islam has enough problems... American media would be all over it..." Wrong. American media is afraid to attribute anything to that. Too politically incorrect.

    Thank you for your comment, Anonymous. We can, respectfully, agree to disagree. It will be interesting to see further developments in the days ahead.

  9. Thank you for posting my comment as written. It shows your integrity. We can agree to disagree, and I hope whatever comes of Nadya's life the children are well cared for. Thank you once again.

  10. I have no problem posting comments that are written that disagree with my opinions, Anonymous. If they are an attack on me - or threatening to My Kids - they don't get published - of if they are directed at another commenter and not "nice" they don't get published. Just because I don't agree - or someone doesn't agree with me - doesn't mean that comments are not published, in full.

    I do agree with you 100% that the children being well cared for is really all that is going to be important. [I just refuse to help pay for it anymore than I already have.]

  11. I agree with you about the children, and with your criteria for posting comments in full.

    Not everyone in the blogosphere has the same integrity or strengh to publish polite disagreement with their views.

    Looking forward to more missives from the Sandbox.

  12. Thanks, Anonymous. Stop by and politely disagree any time!

  13. Iraq WAS the Assyrian Empire before it was broke off in the 1920's by Great Britain and the good ol' USA. Assyria was a Christian Kingdom, and the Assyrian Christian or Chaldean Christian Iraqis are now the minority in this Moslem dominated area.
    Tariq Aziz, Saddam Hussein's right hand man was a Chaldean Assyrian Christian.
    Would you people have a problem with this if she could afford all of those kids? After all Mexicans have a whole shit load of kids everday and us sucker Taxpayers pay for everything.
    Grant you, the woman has problems. The sad part is the children. Unfortunately in this country anyone can have a child, anyone even the women in prison are allowed to have them.

  14. so she is chaldean? i cannot figure her out....


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