Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Boy

Is recovering nicely. We went to the vet Thursday morning and he got all of his stitches removed. The foot is still bandaged - we go again, one more time, to get it changed. Hopefully the bandage can come off completely within the next week or so. The Boy will be thrilled about that. The Boy will be even more thrilled to quit having to wear the hood. If he could be trusted NOT to lick and "chew," he wouldn't have to wear it. He cannot be trusted. If I leave him alone for just the shortest time - I turn around and that tongue is out, or he is trying to chew the top of the bandage to get it off. Funny how he does both so quietly - because he knows. Oh, he knows. The Boy hasn't been on a walk since the day before his surgery. Poor little guy. I still have to cover his foot with a plastic bag to take him out to do business - and put his leash on him - which excites him because he thinks "We're going somewhere!!!" and we only walk around the back yard. The vet said he expects the biopsy results this week. I'm anxious about that. But not particularly in a "good" way. The only thing I want to hear is "negative." Then I can quit worrying.


  1. I have just discovered your blog through another site.
    I, too, am an American woman in Saudi. I have been her coming up on 7 years. I have been evacuate 3 times but not since 2004.
    It is most 'interesting' here.
    Linda, in Tabuk

  2. Thanks for coming by, Linda. New visitors to my site are always welcome. Three times you've had to leave? Interesting. We've been here almost as long as you. The closest "call" was May 28, 2004, and lots of people left - but we didn't. Which is not to say we didn't consider it...

    "Interesting" is a good way to put it, Linda. It is definitely that!

  3. Yes. Three times. And it wasn't WE, it was ME and I wasn't given a choice, just a plane ticket to the location of my choice. Hubby had to stay. The first time was in Feb 2003, "just in case" due the Iraq situation. I was out 60 days. Was home just one month and was gone again because of the Riyadh compound blow-ups. Was out 5 months that time. I'm over 600 miles away from Riyadh. The last time was in June 2004, because a gentleman from Lockheed who didn't understand " keep a low profile", was relieved of his head. I was gone almost 6 months that time.
    BTW, we don't eat off the compund either. I won't eat where I have to hide behind a curtain. Closest we've come is we did the drive-thru at KFC once.

  4. Like how you put this, Linda, "because a gentleman from Lockheed who didn't understand 'keep a low profile,' was relieved of his head." One way to put it I guess...


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