Saturday, February 28, 2009

No Offense... Captain Chesley Sullenberger. He IS to be awed and admired for his incredible piloting skills...

Tonight, at our house, a couple of pilots were hanging out. One of them had just returned from the States and had come over because he had brought a couple of bottles of Aleve back for us [thank you, Dan!]. Dan is telling us that he bought a big bottle of something-or-other at Duty Free on his way home even though he knew he was only going to be at that particular stop for two nights, but instead of buying the fifth he bought the big bottle - what is it, a gallon? DH says to him, in the conversation, "You didn't have a "Sully Special?" Dan says, "No. Just the JD. What is a 'Sully Special'?" DH says, "Two shots of Grey Goose and a splash of water." Everyone cracked up.

That is pilot humor. And, probably if I hadn't been married to a pilot for as many years as I have, it would have gone "Whoosh." Right over my head. It is funny. Two shots of Grey Goose and a splash of water. Don't make me explain it.


  1. Ah...just what one loves to hear...pilots discussing the merits of drinking

    btw...i could do with a couple aleve tonight..i have a head crushing headache...poor me

  2. Yeah, comforting, isn't it, Coolred? How much JD a pilot can drink in two days [although he was on vacation and not actually flying the plane].

    I wish I could share our Aleve. We have plenty. Do you want me to bring some the next time we head that direction?

  3. That is a great joke.

    You should be able to get the Gulf equivelent to Alive by asking your Pharmicist for Proxen, Or Sodium Naproxen. It's exactly the Same stuff, great for cramps. We buy it by the case here.


  4. Good to know, Suburban. DH and I both take it - lately we're eating it like candy - for our "getting old aches and pains," commonly known as arthritis. Seems to work better than Tylenol or plain old aspirin. Dan brought us three big bottles. We should be all set until our next trip to the States, but if we run out - at least I know what to ask for!

  5. Thanks Suburban...I was searching for something other than the govt manufactured panadol...which does nothing but get stuck in your throat on the way down...yuck.

    I will accept your offer Sabra merely as a pretense to meet up with you Got to meet the lady that has such a sharp tongue.

  6. Sharp tongue, Coolred? I don't think I hold a candle to you - after reading your "Banning pork..." post! Shoot me an e-mail please: Sabrasstilettos at yahoo dot com.


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