Thursday, February 05, 2009

What a Novel Idea!

A "new team" of traffic policemen are going to be deployed and tasked with "creating awareness among the public about the new traffic rules." I have an even better idea: How about deploying a team that can be tasked with actually enforcing the old traffic rules? A team that actually stops violators for speeding and running lights and reckless driving. The new officers will supposedly "issue tickets to those who violate traffic laws especially those who use mobile phones while driving." Yeah. Right. The problem is that there are not going to be enough traffic police to even make the smallest effort to curb mobile use. I mean, come on - they'll have to stop practically everyone! "The new traffic law strictly prohibits drivers from using mobile phones while at the wheel with violators liable to be fined from SR150 to SR300." $40.21 to $80.42 fines are going to mean nothing to most of the violators. And - oh - they are just going to make a call from their mobiles to somebody with some "wasta" to get out of the ticket, anyway. The new rules mean litterbugs are going to be fined, too. Um hmm. Sure they are. "...those driving with babies and toddlers in the front seat will also be punished, as babies and toddlers must be seated in the back seat of the vehicle." Pluheeze! We all know that is never going to change. "The Eastern Province traffic department... will work... to enforce the new rules, and for this purpose, checking will be more strict. Surveillance cameras have been installed at different places to keep an eye on the violators. Driving through red lights, going the wrong way down one-way streets, speeding, etc. will be considered an obstruction to public safety and violators will face severe punishment..." Hey? Can we get some parking tickets thrown in there for good measure, too? You know, for the men who park in the streets because they are too important to be bothered to find somewhere to park and walk the twenty or so steps to go where they need to go - so they just block traffic for everyone else?

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