Sunday, February 08, 2009

More Bad Shampoo is Making Babies Sick

Thirteen babies have gotten ill. And worse. One baby has died. The Saudi Food and Drug Authority is checking out the locally manufactured baby shampoo, which is supposedly polluted with "serratia marcescens, a type of germ that can cause toxemia, meningitis, conjunctivitis, and inflammation of [the] urinary system, which may lead to death." It is shampoo that is made locally, in Dammam. Apparently the shampoo has been around for twenty years. Strange how just now there is a problem with it. Speculation in the article says that poisoned water used to make the shampoo may be the cause. A month ago there were some eight shampoos pulled from the shelves that were deemed "unsafe." Now, this. I'm going to go ahead and just continue to ship the shampoo we use here - mine, DH's and The Kids' - from the States. I've been shipping it over once a year in our shipment since we moved here. I knew there was a reason why...

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