Thursday, February 12, 2009

Decision Made; Hard and Fast

I had a decision to make about something today. Doesn't matter what it was. It was not life threatening and had nothing to do with The Kids. Something I've gone back and forth on for a while - like for a month or so. Today I said, "Self - just do it." And then I said, "No, self. Don't. A month isn't long enough. You really need to keep thinking about this." I found a penny in DH's closet. I decided that I would do a coin toss - best of two out of three - heads being yes, tails being no. I flipped the coin. Tails. Ahh. Not meant to be. Okay. Fine then. Let's see what the other two tosses are... Heads. Both of them. So I did it. That is how I made a decision about whether or not I should or shouldn't do something that I have been contemplating for a month. Decision made. I did it. No turning back, now. Too late. The evidence is in the trash.


  1. Ahhh, now that's not fair!

    You have to tell us what it was you did. Please.....

  2. All will be made clear Obi One Kanobi...may the force be with you.

    Oh sorry...was having a surreal moment there..induced by reading something totally confusing and brain busting...but nothing to do with you...I swear ;)

  3. All I can say, Janice, is that it will grow back...

  4. Not enough of a Star Wars fan, Coolred, to know how that fits...

  5. You cut your hair. Looks good. Will be more comfortable in the summer heat. I like it like that. (Checked guy manual for correct things to say.) How is the Boy's foot healing? When will he be allowed to see and lick it?

  6. Good job, checking the "guy manual." You found all of the right things to say...

    The Boy and I went to the vet to have the bandaging changed yesterday morning [I'm calling his bandaging a cast - that is exactly what it looks like - but it is mostly heavy cotton and thick gauze-type wrapping - I was amazed at how much bandaging there was]. He SO wants to be "licking," cannot be trusted to be alone, and HAS to have his "hood" on. He has three sets of stitches he can get to [two more under bandaging, including the toe] - and every opportunity he has, the tongue is out and right there at them. It will be another ten days or so before he will be allowed to lick. Poor guy. I saw it - his missing toe - the amputation - at the vet's. Not pretty, right now. I didn't want to see it, yet could not help but look. We go back in a couple days to have the bandaging changed, again. Hopefully it will start looking better. Looks very sore... I am sure it is. Thanks for asking, Vermindust.


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