Monday, February 02, 2009

There is No Smoking

What airline allows passengers to smoke? I recall reading sometime ago about an airline that was going to offer flights for smokers - it was going to cater to smokers - I do not recall the name of the airline or what routes it was going to fly. Other than that airline, then, is there any other that allows smokers to light up? Does that announcement "smoking is prohibited" mean nothing? You can't go a few hours without a cigarette that you are willing to violate the law and light up anyway?!? My goodness. I'm a smoker. There is NO way I'd risk lighting up a cigarette on a flight. I just don't look good in orange... When I do the long international flights I cover myself with nicotine patches and chew nicotine gum. Is it worth being caught and then punished, all because you can't control yourself? I guess it must be. You received 30 lashes yesterday for smoking on a Saudia flight. Was it worth it? Do tell!


  1. I too am a smoker and would NEVER light up on a plane. I don't look very good in orange either.

    I just turned 43 on the 8th and I remember being able to smoke. During our senior trip to Hawaii on United Airlines we could choose a "smoking" seat.

    Ah, those were the days.....

  2. I can remember booking smoking seats, too, Janice. On People's Express! [Am I dating myself by a few years with that, or what...] Now, by the time I get off a plane my back looks like a jigsaw puzzle with a couple missing pieces. If the flight home was anymore than the 16 hours it already is [flight time, only!], the puzzle would have those extra two or three patches and would be complete.


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