Monday, February 16, 2009


Warning. Strong language content. But not nearly as strong as it should be - the language - and not nearly as strong as what the voices inside my head are shouting.

Yes. I just said that. "You people."* And, YOU PEOPLE are, at the very least, inhuman, barbaric, twisted and perverted beyond w
ords. Camel fighting. Now there's a sport. Celebratory. F^ck'ng-sock-cuckers!

Front page, top half, of today's paper. This picture:

Go ahead. Click on it to enlarge it. Yep. Pretty sure that's blood running down the face of the camel on the right side of the photo. The caption says, "A camel fighting event to mark the 20th anniversary of the withdrawal of Russian soldiers from Afghanistan... on Saturday. Camel fighting is popular in the north of the country along with dog fighting and cock fighting." Oh yeah. These men are horrific and pathetic excuses for human beings. [NO - they cannot be called men - they are NOT men! Only the sight of their decomposed bodies could be less offensive than what these pathetic excuses for human excrement are and should be called. Any similarity between them and a human being is purely coincidental. Hey. Just my humble opinion.]

Cowardly barbarians - worse - [but SOOOO NOT men!!!] that have no clue how to celebrate. Do they not realize that there are enough people to hate in this world without their working so hard to give us more??!! I'm sure PETA will be on this in seconds. 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... [The sound of crickets chirping? Nope. Not even. Just the deafening sound of silence!]

*Years ago - while I was working for an ambulance chasing firm in Durham, N.C., there was a group of women chatting in the hallway about their hair. Suffice it to say that even though I may have had a tan at that point in time, I was not nearly as "tanned" as the group of co-workers who were talking about braids. Naively, and truly not meaning to offend anyone, I said, "You people and your hair." Well don't 'cha know - one of our then "big-wigs" happened to hear me say that and I was immediately ordered to sensitivity training.

No sensitivity training required in this case, here - for what I am calling unmen who are sick, twisted, barbaric, gross, disgusting and who should not even be given the opportunity to breathe the same air as everyone else [I cannot call them what I want to - my Mother occasionally reads my blog, and out of respect for her...] "you people" hardly gives "you people" the credit to your being that you deserve. All I can say is that in the end I hope your demise is slow, brutal, malicious, vicious and excruciatingly painful. That, pretty much sums up how I feel about anyone involved in - or in anyway participating in - cruelty to animals - in any way, shape or form. Oh. And just for the record, I want Michael Vick included in the group, that in the end, gets their much earned and justly deserved reward, which will all be carefully selected to be afforded a "slowbrutalmaliciousviciousandexcruciatinglypainfuldemise."


  1. I read somewhere that you can judge a nation by how they treat their animals...or something along those lines. Sad...I thought Arabs revered the can you treat something like this that basically saved your butt while roaming around in the deserts?

  2. I've read you can judge people by how they treat their animals, Coolred. Somewhere - just recently, too. Who knew I'd need it for a post today, though?

    "I thought Arabs revered the camel..." Yeah. Me to. Until I saw how they were treated in Egypt and in Jordan. Ditto with horses [one was actually killed by abuse!] and donkeys. Tells me all I need to know about "those people," thankyouverymuch.

  3. They do it in western Turkey too. But they call it camel wrestling. It's natural behavior for male camels in heat. They bind the mouths of the animals so they do not hurt each other. Referees make sure to disengage the animals if the bounds get loose or the animals are in any real danger. Wiki:

  4. camel wrestling for charity:

  5. Natural behavior is one thing, Riza, but to force camels - or any animal - into fighting for a sport is inexcusable behavior...

  6. Do you think they are juicing those camels with hormones if it's normal behavior for camels in heat? How else could get they get them to fight on schedule?

    Forget PETA Sabra. They're too busy making ads showing hot babes making out for the Super Bowl.

    I am finding myself using the words 'these people' and 'you people' more these days too. I don't like being that way, but geez. How much of this kind of stuff can you take? (My best to your mom.)

  7. No clue, DL. No clue. How else to get them to fight on schedule? Probably, then.

    How much of this kind of stuff can "we" take? Not a whole lot more, that's for sure!

  8. No disrespect meant, Sabra, and I understand the anger, but why would you wish upon one specie of animals the harm and so violent a death as you describe for inflicting harm upon another specie. Does it not then make you the more egregious one? It seems to me that a better solution would be to put each one of those men in the ring with a male camel in heat and let the camel have at it. A tooth for a tooth and and eye for an eye, if you will?

  9. I don't consider "people" animals, Newcoach. People have choices; animals don't, insofar as fighting for sport. If people want to go ahead and have at it - go for it. But to make animals - any four-legged animal - fight as a sport is something I will never be able to handle. I disagree with you about putting a man in a ring with a camel in heat. The animal would still be hurt worse. I want the man to hurt. Bull-fighting comes to mind...

  10. I do agree with you for the most part. I have been known on occasion to help escort spiders outside when I find them roaming in the house rather than killing them.

    But I think the severity of the punishment you wish on these "unmen" is rather harsh.

    Hurting animals for sport is a particularly disgusting act, I agree, but truely doubt had you the power to determine these mens fate that you would actually follow through.

    Just for the record; I did not mean to imply calling them animals to be an insult. Infact, I think, it would be raising their status.

    But I do share your outrage and sadness with regards to the treatment of animals in this form of "sport" as I do in the cases of performing animals when they are maltreated. And the treatment of innocents for what ever reason.

    Men have been very cruel to each other and animals alike through out the course of history. Lets hope the outrage and outspokeness of people like you helps bring an end or at least a higher awareness to cruelty in general.

  11. I escort most spiders outside, Newcoach. And geckos. We can agree to disagree but I feel so strongly about animal abuse - ANY animal abuse - abusers of performing animals, as well - that I'm pretty sure when it comes down to it, my punishment to these "unmen" is not nearly harsh enough and that if I had the power to actually follow through and punish these "unmen" myself it would actually be much, much harsher.

    I would be thrilled to think that my outrage and attention to the matter will enlighten people to animal cruelty and bring an end to it. Sadly, you are right, though, "Men have been very cruel to each other and animals alike throughout the course of history." I don't see it - any of it - ending anytime in the near future.


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