Friday, February 06, 2009


Pool work in progress. Rev's guys showed up a couple of days ago and started removing the old tile. This morning they were here bright and early with their hammers and some sort of big "pounding" things [awls, maybe?] and some sort of tile cutter that sounds like an electric drill - but much louder. The neighbors are probably really enjoying the deafening pounding and such that is going on so bright and early on what is the equivalent to Sunday in the States. But for the fact that they are making a complete mess - and I knew it was gonna be messy - I'm not quite sure what all is going on in the back yard. The two guys keep going in and out of the gate, though, which, of course, keeps The Kids on full alert and they HAVE to bark each and every time that gate opens. [Same two guys, Kids, not new intruders! Go ahead and relax just a little bit. Please? Oh what the heck. Never mind. You are both just doing your job. Carry on... But maybe we could turn it down? Just a notch.]

There is a pile of broken tile parked at the end of our driveway. It will be interesting to see how long it stays there before Rev sends someone with a truck to haul it off. Did he really think the regular trash pick-up men were going to pick that mess up and take it away? The man has already used up his quota of my nerves. He is NOT getting any more. Each and every time DH says something about the pool or the work or questions if the new tile got delivered I tell him he is going to have to call Rev. I cannot bring myself to being thoroughly annoyed and frustrated at the mere thought of dealing with Mr. Yeah Yeah Yeah. DH gets action when he calls. Hey, I'm just a woman, after all, and what do women know about pool repairs and tile work...

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