Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Atypical Sentence

First time I've seen some "community service" issued with a jail and lashing sentence. A Saudi man was sentenced yesterday to "eight months in jail and 400 lashes, as well as digging 10 graves, for opening fire on his uncle..." [Interesting that the Judge's name is printed in the article but not the name of the guilty man.] "...the lashes would be carried out in eight equal installments within a period of seven months. The lashing in the last month would be dropped if the man digs 10 graves, each with a depth of 1.2 meters, within 10 days." That's almost 4' deep. What are the actual dimensions of the standard grave? Four feet deep, but how long and how wide? Doesn't sound like an incredible feat, but then it also depends on how he is going to have to dig. Is he going to get a good shovel? He is going to need one. [I'd recommend a good pair of gloves, as well. Otherwise the blisters he ends up with are gonna sting.] It is desert here, but not soft sand desert. Hard as rock sand desert. There is nothing soft about the ground here. Nothing at all. And, why 10 graves? How do graves usually get dug? [Never mind. We know the answer to that.]


  1. What would happen if the names of criminals were published? I am guessing this would defame the family, which would result in lawsuits and gunfire and honour killings and general hillarity. In a culture where no hard facts are ever made official news must be spread by gossip alone, which is much (much!) worse than having your name briefly in the papers.

  2. Some names are published, Vermindust. If a criminal is a foreigner - nationality is always published and often the name - sometimes even a picture. Some "local" names are published, selectively. Very selectively.

  3. Sabra, I hope that you and your husband are never subjected to Saudi laws....that might prompt help needed from the embassy.

    The money must be really good over there for you to want to stay in Saudi.

  4. We are not here for our health, Steve! Although with bHo in charge - we're going to need a lot more than we originally thought... We make $2.00, and have to give $4.00. We make $10.00 and have to give $20.00. It sucks. But, sometimes you just have to do what you have to do.


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