Saturday, February 14, 2009

Wonder What's Going on...

...with this. King Abdullah "has sacked two powerful religious officials in a wide ranging shake-up of the cabinet and other government posts. One of the dismissed men was the head of the controversial religious police force. The other was the country's most senior judge. The King also appointed the country's first-ever female minister and replaced the head of the central bank. Correspondents say such government reshuffles are rare in Saudi Arabia. King Abdullah... has for a long time had the reputation of a reformer and the latest appointments have the makings of one of the biggest shake-ups in Saudi public life for many years." Interestingly enough this wasn't in either of our newspapers - but then, they are printed overnight and delivered at four in the morning. It will be front-page news tomorrow.

Could it be possible that I have been all wrong on some things - mainly the issue of women driving? Is King Abdullah that much of a mover and shaker reformer that perhaps women will actually be able to drive themselves to the mall or grocery store here, someday? There need to be strict rules in place before that can happen. First and foremost, NO veils. Too dangerous. Much, much too dangerous. For the rest of the drivers. Just think about it.... I digress.

Quite an interesting piece of news from this part of the world. I saw it at another prominent blogger's place first - but can't give credit where it is due - for good reason. And, for that I apologize. But, selfishly, I want to be able to visit that site again. Too many of the good ones get blocked, here.

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