Wednesday, February 04, 2009

"Danger, Will Robinson!"

An escaped HIV patient is on the loose. Alert the authorities. Someone find her. Stat! No. Not kidding. It is newsworthy. "Hospital management and police squabbled over whether there was a need to post police officers at her bedside." Someone tell me please, where else in the entire world would a police officer be posted at someone's bedside because they were HIV positive??? If police weren't posted at bedsides before this incident, they will be now. Fantastic use of resources! Being HIV positive is the equivalent to being a criminal. No. It is worse than criminal. Someone must be afraid that the 44-year-old Somalian woman is a threat to the rest of society, or this would not even be a story.

"According to Saudi regulations, foreigners with infections such as AIDS are not allowed to stay or work in the Kingdom."
Here's the thing, though. In order to even enter The Sandbox you are tested for a myriad of diseases. Before you can get a visa you must submit to a full physical, which includes giving blood, urine and stool samples to be tested. Yes. You read that correctly. Only perfectly healthy individuals can be given the go ahead to get a visa to come here to work. [Which isn't to say that "illegals" don't enter the country, they do - but it is not nearly on the magnitude of say, illegals entering the United States.] So, then, going with the theory that the "escaped woman" was perfectly healthy before she arrived, she must have caught "it" here, right?


  1. Boy a whole lot of maids keep ending up injured over in your neck of the sandbox. And its a shame that HIV infected people are treated so disrespectfully.

  2. Just maids, Belch. They are pretty much disposable, you know...

    There was an article not too long ago about how people with HIV were going to be treated with respect and dignity blah, blah, blah. Guess not.


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