Sunday, February 15, 2009

Oh My! Wow. Just Wow.

He is right, after all. Who knew such abuse was taking place in the States and other places deemed "Western?"

So, let's see... In New York, along with the man who beheaded his wife on Friday [it was the 13th, after all - gives a whole new meaning to the term "unlucky"], on Saturday - you know that "holiday of luv" that is so despised on this side of the world, another man "beat his wife like a dog." That reference absolutely sickens me. No dog should ever be beat! EVER!!!

In California, a self-proclaimed polygamist received "seven consecutive life prison terms for torturing seven of his 19 children, abusing four others and imprisoning two of his three wives."

Elsewhere in the "West" a man was sentenced to 20 years in prison for setting his ex-girlfriend on fire to "restore his honour," [WHAT?!?] and another has been sentenced to life in prison after stabbing his sister 23 times because he and his family "did not approve of her Western lifestyle."

In fairness to the "West," where the statistics of abuse are so "shockingly high," I must include just ONE article of abuse from this side of the world. It's a month old - but worth noting [I must have missed it somehow - although I did post on the sheep stories]: A man has been sentenced to two years in prison and 200 lashes for beating his wife so severely that she swallowed her tongue and died.

Wow. Just wow. I mean, what else can you even say to stories like these?!!


  1. ...that NONE of them say the killers were Muslim, except use of veiled speech, i.e., "disenfranchised southeast asian youth."

    That's called media speak.

  2. Steve, Steve, Steve... Please. We cannot possibly have or use anything but "media speak," now, can we.

  3. More media speak for ya:

    When the MSM apologists say honor killings aren't a Muslim thing - that they are a 'cultural' thing.

    Like just because some Hindus do it too, that's supposed to excuse it and make it all normal.

    Just sick.

    Meanwhile it seems like the feministas of the world can't see past their own vaginas. Pardon my coarseness, but it's really true.

    And where are those slimy pukes from CAIR?

  4. As far as the feministas of the world, DL, they have only one agenda and honor killings are not it. Oh, and by the way, "those slimy pukes" just don't care. Their agenda doesn't include admonishing or admitting atrocities. That group gives "agenda" a whole new meaning.


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