Sunday, February 22, 2009

hcc looking to buy 1.2 million dollar house

Uppity Woman has a post about the hcc. She's looking to buy a four bedroom, two and a half bath house with a pool, for $1,200,000. Isn't that just grand. She is being rewarded - and handsomely - for bringing FOURTEEN children into the world. None of which, by the way, has a father. Nice.

Uppity Woman says, "Has the American taxpayer (and especially the California taxpayer!) had it yet? Be sure to let your "leaders" know exactly how far they can rape your wallets for people like this woman. She continues to collect $3k monthly in public funds to help perpetuate her neurosis and her delusions of grandeur. In the meantime, 8 exploited kids' lives are at stake here." Well said, Uppity Woman, but I disagree. FOURTEEN exploited kids' lives are at stake. Not just the new babies...

You are going to move FOURTEEN kids into a four-bedroom house? That would be fifteen, including the hcc [and seventeen if her parents are moving in with them]. At a minimum, that is 3.75 persons to a bedroom [excluding the grandparents]. Oh, and that pool? The other six kids that hcc has - how old are they? Two of them have some sort of disability - are their motor skills effected? Can ANY of them swim? Perhaps she is looking to thin her herd. I can think of no better way to do so than a pool. Survival of the fittest. If they can swim, they survive. If they can't, they don't. Brain cells? hcc was too busy getting her nails done, her lips bo-toxed, and boobs enhanced - she couldn't be bothered to waste money buying brain cells.

The world has not heard the end of the hcc's story. But I think her little plan to get rich and exploit her status as a mother of multiples [you know, like Jon and Kate] is beginning to back-fire on her. Health and human services is going to be very busy with this brood. Heh. Job security.


  1. Here's more on the HCC story. Apparently Vivid entertainment has offered her one million dollars if she agrees to star in a hardcore porn movie.

    According to the story, no response has been received yet.

  2. Amazing, Netlander. Just amazing. I saw that at Jammiewearingfool tonight. All I could think was, why? She's going to need to make money, somehow, though. Apparently the house her parents are in is being foreclosed on in March. And, if she wants that new 1.2 million dollar place...


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